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German companies using Flutter

This listicle is about german companies using Flutter. Without further ado, lets go straight to them.

team neusta

team neusta is a german holding with its headquater is in Bremen. They’re mostly doing consulting for other companies. Among its companies neusta infomantis and neusta mobile solutions are using Flutter. Neusta infomantis build, among other apps, the app for the local soccer club VfL Osnabrück. It’s available for Android and iOS.


Yep, that’s right. The german car manufacturer is using Flutter to power its apps for BMW (My BMW) and also for Mini. Their development team is one of largest Flutter dev teams (source).


The team behind the Media Markt and Saturn apps (it’s the same app just with a different design) is also using Flutter. MediaMarktSaturn is europes biggest electronic retailer.

About You

About You is a german e-commerce company. They’re known for their clothing and fashion shop, but they are also selling their e-commerce platform. They are also the developers behind the Flutter package sign_in_with_apple which is also a Flutter Favorite.

Delivery Hero

Delivery Hero recently had some open job listings for Flutter developers. Though I’m not quite sure where they’re using it.


Superlist is a startup and they want to build a new kind of to-do app. It’s not yet available as far as I know, but they’re looking for developers. is doing consulting for others. They’re also the developers behind Wiredas.

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